Born Well Project


In Nicaragua, the incidence of devastating neural tube defects is five-fold higher than in the United States. This birth defect can be prevented by consuming adequate folic acid before pregnancy, and in 2009 Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health took important steps in issuing a national resolution requiring that rice be fortified with folic acid. Today, over 4 years later, challenges remain in implementing rice fortification in Nicaragua. We are on a mission to prevent neural tube defects in Nicaragua by helping to bring together the needed parties to fortify rice. Our team members are recipients of two $250,000 grants from Grand Challenges Canada and Saving Lives at Birth to implement rice fortification in Nicaragua. Most recently, we have also begun to advocate for fortification of fish sauce with folic acid in Vietnam.

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We are currently seeking funding to sponsor laboratory reagents for the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health to allow for measurement of folic acid levels. We are also seeking motivated individuals to assist with advocating for fish sauce fortification in Vientam, as well as individuals to spearhead grant applications to promote food fortification in both Nicaragua and Vietnam. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Born Well Project.

The incidence of devastating neural tube defects in: Nicaragua: 31/10,000

Vietnam: 19/10,000

United States: 5/10,000

We are on a mission to prevent birth defects globally